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Feminism in the modern age

remember the first time I heard the song “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy. I was a young child, my mother was the first feminist in my life. This song is so simple but so empowering, it is a reminder of how important women are, to not forget that no matter what people say or what people do we are stronger than their words and actions and we cannot let it make us forget we are divine beings and we hold great power inside us to make great changes. The change has to come from within, we cannot sing along and dance to songs that degrade and belittle women and refer to them as objects of sexual desire or possessions. We have to stop objectifying women and exploiting their bodies in popular culture.

“There is no superior gender, there is here and now and equality has to start in our minds and our hearts and be reflected in our actions and our words!”

I do not think it is wise to hate men either, bless them with the wisdom to see clearly through the distorted perception of ideals created by generations of tortured and traumatised souls who truly believe there is a superior gender. There is no superior gender, there is here and now and equality has to start in our minds and our hearts and be reflected in our actions and our words. There is so much marketing material that conditions our minds to believe in this inequality and to accept certain ideas. Pornography is a terrible way of deteriorating the female/male’s mind, body, gender and the sacred act of sex, there is nothing healthy about it. Clairvoyantly observed it is feeding the elementals of destructive power and greed, it is one of the greatest sources of the maintenance of misogyny. A lot of women also watch it, if you do not stop this it will be very difficult to achieve respect between genders or respect for bodies and healthy attitudes towards sex. It is actually programming your mind to believe that sex equates to power and sexual acts define what you seek in another person as a life partner, which will never satisfy anyone for long. It causes people to believe the ability to perform such acts deems you worthwhile of attention or affection, this is a very distorted perception of human relations. Sex is a physical expression of romantic love and one aspect of love but does not equate to love, sex is a union of souls that if practised accurately is also a divine union with God. But on the other end of the spectrum puritanical attitudes towards sex is also extremely destructive, this is suppression which leads to terror eventually as we have seen in many cases of religious leaders sexually abusing young children. In many countries and cultures female genital mutilation is practised to prevent sexual pleasure, desires or infidelity. This puritanical attitude towards sex is one of the great mistakes religions and religious leaders make, it is a bad bad mistake. Sex is a healthy and absolutely necessary part of our physical functionality. Sex should be practiced in moderation otherwise it tends to control other energies and dominate the other energies, but sex energy can be transmuted and used by the higher faculties for expansion of consciousness, intelligence, creativity and enlightenment. So you can use some of it for sex, but avoid the use of all of it, utilise some of it.

Transmuting sexual energy is the key to utilising it properly so it does not dominate the lower and higher faculties, especially if you have chosen a life of not exercising your sexual desires. It is not wrong to be celibate, but there is a proper way to do it, otherwise it is suppression because sex is a natural aspect of being physical. To learn more about this check out Transmutation of Sex Energy or another technique is Superbrain Yoga, which also works well on younger kids and teenagers, it is very simple to do, they are taught by Master Choa Kok Sui’s books and courses, however these are ancient yogic techniques that he modernised and simplified for our modern culture. Transmutation of Sex Energy is taught in the Pranic Psychotherapy class and the technique is in the Pranic Psychotherapy book and also in the Spiritual Essence of Man book both authored by Master Choa Kok Sui. The Superbrain Yoga is a class but you can also buy the book Superbrain Yoga by Master Choa Kok Sui. I have all these books for sale or you can get them at any Pranic Healing Centre, alternatively all of Master Choa’s books are available as ebooks now in the iTunes Store.

We have to disintegrate calcified ideas of misogyny. Be still, be aware. How are we as many different cultures under the same physical existence going to change these ancient calcified habits and ideas of gender inferiority? Awareness of what in the first place is misogynistic behaviour. Controlling women’s bodies and deciding if they cannot choose to discontinue pregnancies due to their own personal circumstances is a real problem especially since the alternative tends to be seeking illegal forms which are more endangering to them. I do not think any man is qualified to decide if a woman should or should not have a baby, since they have never had that burdensome task placed on them and never will. Women need to feel supported in their choices and not pressured or condemned.

The organs and chakras in the energy bodies absorb the sounds of music, the actual tones of the instruments have significant affects on the vibrations of our organs and chakras, the thing about it is the tones and beats are guided by the energies of the lyrics. Energy follows thought. So if you have beats and tones without lyrics they tend to have a more neutral energy, but here is the tricky part the energy and thought forms of the tones and beats affects your energy, based on the composer’s thought forms and intentions at the moment they were created, so when we even choose music without lyrics be aware of the intention of the composer as it will influence your energy, that is why classical music tells a story without lyrics. That is why sound therapy is healing, singing bowls and gongs can be used to cleanse and energise the chakras to a certain degree. Certain beats and tones have a sad quality, happy quality, danger quality, excitement quality, peaceful quality etc. It is the energy infused in them by the composer. Ever listen to the music accompanying a movie? It is extremely influential to your reaction to the particular scene. Due to the principal of interconnectedness we are all connected through energy so we can consciously or unconsciously feed each others thought patterns depending on our degree of development. That is why after practising stillness or awareness/ meditation for many years you develop the ability to see and feel thought waves or you can read people’s minds! 

The responsibility of musicians, actors, teachers, politicians and artists is great because when you become popular you have the power to influence and control masses of thought forms. If you use this power negatively the impact on your personal karma is detrimental, that is why you see a lot of famous musicians, actors, spiritual teachers/ gurus or artists suddenly fall or have great trauma, drug addictions, sexual exploits happen or they do not last long in popular culture. If you channel energy positively or for the greater good you reap the rewards as well, the karma is extremely positive, especially prosperity karma. Now what happens is the sex chakra becomes more activated because it is the centre for lower creativity and works with the throat chakra which is the centre for higher creativity, so artistic people, business men and women, teachers, politicians are naturally utilising these chakras and sometimes they tend to have a lot of sexual affairs and sexual problems. This is due to these chakras being over activated. So if you are engaging these types of influential roles you have to keep the chakras clean and transmute the energy more than average people would. Whatever energies are small in the chakras tend to become magnified. A lot of people especially men are programmed from a young age to believe women are inferior or objects of sexuality so this behaviour becomes magnified in their actions. If you are having a lot of sexual affairs it means you have an over activated sex chakra, which is also linked to an over activated throat chakra but the lower chakras cannot be bigger than the upper chakras, the upper chakras should always be controlling the lower chakras for healthy minds and bodies. Otherwise men or women will engage in activities in which they view people as sexual objects, to satisfy a lower energy, if you respect women/ men it will show in your attitude towards sex, it will be used as a tool to unite or express your love. We are energy beings using physical bodies there are many energy techniques that ancient cultures developed because they were aware of these facts. We have become asleep as a species to these facts. Over time society has hidden techniques and truths from masses and made them believe they do not have access to energy unless they are special, that is not true. 

The chakras have a consciousness to a certain degree, if we feed them powerful thought forms whether negative or positive they grow and dwell in the chakras, that is why people or addicts often say “I do not really want to do it but something inside is taking over or telling me to do it.” Those are the thought forms, they are entities and elementals that feed off of a particular energy that they were born from and the more you feed them the bigger they get, the stronger they get and the more power and control they assume over you the soul. So to eradicate them in Pranic Psychotherapy we target them and pull them out using specific colour pranas which are extremely powerful but it does not kill them, this prana neutralises them, it actually saves them. They are tiny beings and they are energised by our energy. The idea is to control our chakras not have the chakras controlling us. Every word and thought is a being with a consciousness to a certain degree how long it survives in the inner world depends on how much energy you give it, if you keep energising it it becomes huge and then what we do in the inner world we bring into the physical world. That is why promoting positive thoughts and words about our planet is essential to the conservation of our planet. Dwelling on the negative state of the planet is not healthy, actively becoming part of a solution strategy while energising the solution is helpful.

“If the female gender, the nurturing gender is happy then the earth will also change as the earth is the greater nurturing energy of our species.”

If you want gender equality, or equality of any form then be really aware of what you focus your energy on, every thought form and action is creating patterns that eventually manifest physically. We can change ancient calcified thoughts and ideas by choosing uplifting music, watching educational programs, reading knowledgeable and empowering books, do not give energy to the negative programming. Do not even give energy to fighting it, give energy towards improving it that is how change manifests. We need to encourage women, empower them, educate them, pay them equally, develop more programs that support them. The shame associated with our menstrual cycles has to end, the shame associated with our bodies has to end. I already see great changes in men by awareness alone, women are creating positive changes, dialogues are happening, exploited women are telling their stories by speaking out. There are so many women coming to the Pranic Healing Courses and Meditation Groups, the first thing they will say when you ask them why do you want to learn this course, most of them say to heal my children, to heal my husband, to heal a relative and some of them say to heal myself. Most women are instinctively and inherently nurturing, generally looking after the health and well being of others before themselves, this is why it is easier to manipulate them through these instincts many people take advantage of their good nature. Instead we should be supporting them, uplifting them, giving them healthy environments to flourish.

We must also be very aware that men are learning, some of them for the first time how to treat women, about what is actually offensive to females and what is a healthier expression. Therefore we must be patient and loving in our approach to educating boys, men and even women as well on what gender equality looks, feels and tastes like. Gender equality, all equality, is a way of life, it is a higher perspective of consciousness, it is in our mental patterns, in our mental bodies. The mental body is one of the five bodies. We have the physical, etheric, astral, mental and casual (body of the ego) bodies. These particular patterns have roots in the mental body. In this particular time in the evolution of our species we are trying to evolve the mental body. This is why there is a lot of strong mental action and mental activity is becoming more important to our species. 

“Do not even give energy to fighting it, give energy towards improving it that is how change manifests.”


To transform men we have to activate their emotional nature this is done by being gentle and loving in our approach. What you project you inject into yourself, we want men to be authentic, fair, gentle and loving in their expressions towards us, then we have to be that energy that we want to see in them. Screaming at them that they are wrong is not going to help, showing them what equality looks like and feels like is going to help. Bringing awareness to the exploiting behaviour is essential but do not just bring awareness, bring practical and healthy solutions. Teaching boys and men how to show emotions and express them in a healthy way. Exposing negative, exploitive  behaviour to the necessary authorities. This is teaching them that type of behaviour will not be accepted by you or other females. As a female do not accept men speaking to you in disrespectful language, correct them immediately or do not give them attention. 

If the female gender, the nurturing gender is happy then the earth will also change as the earth is the greater nurturing energy of our species, a lot of the turmoil in the earth is derived from the turmoil being experienced in the female gender at this time , of course also the way we treat the earth physically. If you look at it from a higher perspective the way we mistreat the earth physically is the same way we disrespect the female gender, we exploit it, we abuse it, we tell it terrible things, we throw stuff at it and in it, we degrade it, we isolate it, we try to own and control it, take parts of it and use it for our own greed and power. Destruction of the female species will equate to the destruction of the earth. So if you do not think being aware of how you treat females is important then you do not think preserving the earth is important for she is the greatest feminine energy among us and she lives and reigns in all of us, men and women. When we die we return to her what we borrowed from her. We are only allowed to occupy the earth for short intervals at a time make this interval a remarkable one! 

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