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Love in a time of Corona

Ahhh the latest threat to our species, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is actually a global lesson. We have our individual karma; we also have collective karma or global karma. Coronavirus is collective karma. It is in other words a lesson for every human. Since we are being confined to our homes we are being shown a clear lesson of retreat. This is also due to our rapid destruction of our greater home, our earth. The earth is inside of us and outside of us, if we harm our outsides (in this case our planet is our eternal environment) then we must learn our lessons by going inside, in this case reflecting on the root cause of our pain and the pain of our planet, our planet is our global home. Our bodies are our individual homes. Our individual homes (our bodies) are being targeted because our global home is being destroyed. In order to learn or move past this quickly we must reflect on what this means.

The purpose of us staying home, is not to get more isolated but to become more connected. In the isolation we first of all are together, because we are being confined to our homes collectively. Singularly we must use that time to go inside ourselves or we will be consumed with mass consciousness, which at the moment is fear, anxiety, stress and other diseases of the nervous system. The cause for dis-ease in our minds and bodies is not to torture us but rather to educate us. We are so fixated on curing dis-ease we forget or ignore the purpose of dis-ease. Hence we cure one dis-ease and another pops up right away, because the root cause is not being examined and so the suffering continues, and takes another form. The purpose of disruption to the natural order of life is to force us to explore our current conditions. If we cooperate with our crisis we will learn valuable lessons that are not lessons for the body but for the soul.

We are so fixated on curing dis-ease we forget or ignore the purpose of dis-ease.”

The only way to educate the soul in our current time is to do it through the body or disruptions in the material world. Now to go further, we must remember one thing clearly, we are not the bodies, emotions, thoughts or minds, we are the soul using these vehicles to evolve, there are five bodies we use in this evolution, the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body (or body of emotions), the mental body and the casual body (body of the ego).  The soul has to be taught through the physical interruptions or irritations to the physical body, astral body or on the physical plane. Why? Because in this existence we are very physical, so much so some people believe we are only physical and the material and physical world is the only existence. Therefore, our lessons are derived from our lack of material possessions or disruption in the physical forms. Since it is the only way to teach us because it is the only way to grab our attention. Remember the soul is not perfect, the soul is energy with consciousness. The soul also has different aspects to it, such as the higher soul and the incarnated soul, we won’t go into further aspects of the soul, as it is not necessary for this article. The purpose of the soul taking a body and occupying this planet is to evolve. We have our individual evolution and our collective evolution, which are both intertwined. Individually some souls are more evolved, or you could say older than other souls, they have been around longer so they gathered more information and their purpose is to teach younger souls or less evolved souls how to navigate the current existence and therefore evolve, as more souls evolve individually, then collectively we will all evolve. We are not entitled to evolve unless we help others evolve. Whether you see it or not or believe it or not humanity is constantly evolving.

Now we have explored the cause for dis-ease or disruption in our bodies and lives. Don’t like this disruption to your everyday life do you? Don’t like the virus attacking our respiratory system and spreading rapidly do you? Want to find a cure don’t we? What have we done as humans collectively, we took very intelligent measures, we told everyone to retreat, stay home, make drastic changes to our regular patterns. Most have obliged willingly or unwillingly, some are resistant to this. The more you resist the greater the stick will come down, take heed to subtle lessons so harsher lessons do not materialize! If you want to permanently cure an ailment of any sort you must reflect on why you are being shown this ailment. You must take the trip back to the motherboard and examine the parts. In this case the virus is forcing us to retreat, as we are trapped inside we automatically look for ways to occupy our ever active minds. This is not the purpose, we must become contemplative, reflective and meditative at this time. Read spiritual books and books on esoteric knowledge. Sit in silence, reflect on our lives and what we can do to first of all live more ecologically healthy and then individually improve our personalities and character flaws.


“If we cooperate with our crisis we will learn valuable lessons that are not lessons for the body but for the soul.”

To explore and break down or cooperate with your illness you have to examine it, from an external perspective first, then break it down until you find the internal cause, once the fault or root is revealed you can then counteract or find solutions to re-wire the program you are being shown. Sometimes it is a program of anger. Let me use a personal example, I recently injured my knee, I do not normally get physical disruptions in my body, so I had to sit down and explore the cause. So first I look at the injury, my knee is hurting, it’s not serious and I can treat it myself with Pranic Healing, that’s the physical solution, also psychological solution, but removing thought forms is not a permanent cure. Analysing the cause of the thought forms is another approach, so Pranic Healing works alongside active intelligence. Therefore I have to go deeper, what does the knee represent to me, my ability to walk effectively, move around and do things I love like yoga. So my knee is teaching me I will not move properly, I am not giving you freedom to enjoy your physical body until you fix your emotions, because your emotions are causing distress to yourself and then others. This is what I would say to myself “Ok knee, thank you for showing me this, I am grateful for your interruption, I don’t want to make this worse, I apologize for my ignorance, I promise you I will dissect it so we can function harmoniously again, by the way so far you have been a fabulous knee and I don’t show you enough appreciation, instead of pushing you, I will rest you, I send you love, you hold this body up well.”

Now we have communicated with the physical body, we are now aware, the problem is stemming from inaccurate expressions of emotions. What is happening in my astral body or my emotional body? I am experiencing currently a lot of irritation with other people, shortness of patience. Let me take it deeper, the reason I am impatient and irritable is coming from an old program of anger, this seems to be a recurrence of a previous symptom. How can I actively resolve this program? We are not perfect, we don’t have to fix an old program all at once, we can do it progressively. Do not beat yourself up for recurrence of old programs, because in one lifetime sometimes you have to work through the whole lifetime to gain one virtue. This program for me stems from childhood, if I want to go further this stems from many lifetimes ago. So I have chosen situations and circumstances to give me opportunities to work through this program. In this case to restore my ability to walk effectively I better just be aware of my daily actions, I also saw forgiveness come up, I need to forgive certain individuals, so every day I take time after meditation practice to do forgiveness exercises. It will not erase this program entirely but it will improve it. Also when people are irritating me I touch my Ajna Chakra (energy centre located between the eyebrows) and I say the virtue I am trying to develop, I am trying to develop non-injury and loving kindness, so I repeat those words, or I might say patience, patience, patience. Why? The Ajna Chakra is the Master Chakra, it is the command centre in the energy body, if you instruct the Ajna Chakra you are instructing all the chakras. The state of your chakras reflects the stage of your development.


“If you are forced to go indoors, go deeper indoors, go to the insides of your body, soul and meditate, contemplate, reconnect with your body. Explore your soul.”

The current pandemic is an attack on our respiratory system, it wants to live in the lungs. What do the lungs do? Control and energize the respiratory system. Now energetically the lungs are also controlled by the Heart Chakra, so we can energize the lungs through the Back Heart Chakra, therefore we explore the psychological functions of the Heart Chakra, which is love, personal human love, the name of the virus is corona, corona means crown. The virus is also an attack on our Crown Chakra, the Heart and Crown Chakras are correlated, the psychological functions of the Crown Chakra is universal love, or love for humanity. So we must look at this as a lesson on universal love, how that relates to us is love for ourselves and then love for humanity, we cannot love our universe if we do not love ourselves. How are we being taught love through coronavirus? If you are forced to go indoors, go deeper indoors, go to the insides of your body, soul and meditate, contemplate, reconnect with your body. Explore your soul. We can do a simple meditation of sitting or lying down, thinking of every part individually, every organ and talking to it and saying “I love you, I appreciate you.” When you have spoken to every part of your body open your eyes and you will feel love radiating. Share this love in your environment and to those around you. Start writing down your daily rituals and find ways you can go about your life in a way that helps the planet. The earth is forcing the occupants to stop everything, if you look around waters in some places are a little cleaner, air is less polluted, noise pollution is reduced. People are feeling more tribal or closer as a species, they are relating to one common theme, we have to stay indoors. So they are finding ways to entertain each other on social media. It is very small progress.

Some souls are taking this as a time to panic and hoard material supplies, so the virus is also revealing character flaws in less evolved souls like greed. Do not let greed and panic consume you, there will be more if you give and share generously, always live simply and humbly. Remember to receive energy you have to give energy; it is in giving that we receive. Never give into excessiveness and energies of consumption. It will cause great imbalance externally and make everything worse.

“Meditations such as Meditation on Twin Hearts by Master Choa Kok Sui are ways to generate global healing, doing this meditation daily will be of great service to humanity and our earth right now.”

Many bodies are suffering as a result of the virus many souls are expiring the bodies. All medical professionals are making great sacrifices to their own health and their bodies to maintain the safety of others. Have respect for that, by making it easier through social distancing and self-quarantining. Bless them as much as you can send them loving energy, donate money to assist in their aides. Bless the earth a lot, we are so abusive and greedy to our home, earth. Meditations such as Meditation on Twin Hearts by Master Choa Kok Sui are ways to generate global healing, doing this meditation daily will be of great service to humanity and our earth right now. This meditation is available on iTunes or Google Play. If you prefer the CD I do have for purchase, you can contact me if you require a copy.

Take this as a global lesson on human love, planetary love and universal love. Thank the virus also, it is doing a job, the virus is also an energetic being, it has a job to do. It might not be a nice job but sometimes drastic measures are necessary to force external and internal change.


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