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Private Crystal Pranic Healing Sessions

Crystal Pranic Healing Sessions

In these sessions the same healing techniques are applied but using healing crystals instead of my hands. Master Choa Kok Sui integrated healing crystals into the modality to amplify the healers energy and speed up the process. This is at the discretion of the client or myself.

Cost: $200 per session (60 mins)



Public Notice: Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a Medical Doctor and a Certified Pranic Healer. Pranic Healers are not Medical Doctors, but Medical Doctors can be Pranic Healers. Pranic Healers should not make a Medical Diagnosis. Pranic Healers should not prescribe Medications and / or Medical Treatments. Pranic Healers should not interfere with prescribed Medications and / or with Medical Treatments. Master Choa Kok Sui – Founder of Modern Pranic Healing – January 12, 2006 


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