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Gratitude is an Attitude!

Atma Namaste,

How many things are you grateful for today? The sun, the earth, the water, our bodies, our loved ones, our jobs, homes! We should make it a habit to make gratitude our new attitude. Someone says something mean, say thank you, someone does the smallest, kindest gesture, say thank you, take notice. 

Every moment you open your eyes is another minute you are alive, to have a physical body is a great blessing, to learn lessons and experience a physical existence. This is an honour. Often times we are angry or frustrated with our bodies because it might be experiencing pain or not functioning perhaps the way we want it to. 

Give love, joy and appreciation to the body. We borrow these bodies from the earth. Thank the earth for lending us these bodies so the soul using it can learn lessons, grow and evolve. Thank our brains, we are so hard on our brains, we expect so much from our brains, to think, to keep the body functioning, doing many things simultaneously. Did you ever stop to marvel at this amazing organ? How fabulous is the brain, it does so many things. Our brains need to feel loved and appreciated. Thank our brains for the wonderful ability to keep our entire body alive and organised, the brain is organising all the organs and parts so wonderfully! It is the most overworked and under-appreciated part!

Love your brains, bones, skin, heart, limbs, every part of your body. We need to take time to love our bodies, talk to the body. Speak gently, say thank you to each part separately and send loving energy in its direction. Look at your body, forget about the parts you want to change, or don’t like, love it for the hard work it does. Love your mind, heart, soul. You only get one body in this lifetime. Look after it, give it fresh air, rest, exercise, fun. Be gentle with the body, it has to do a lot to keep us alive.

Then look at the bodies around you, be grateful for them. Even the ones who treat us badly and hurt us, for they teach us important lessons, does not have to be verbally, mentally say thank you. Always be thankful for the lessons. Find in every moment of everyday, something, even if it is the smallest thing, anything to be grateful for. This will then lead to more things to be grateful for and before you know it your life is changing because your perspective is changing. If your life is really hard then just be thankful for breath, for the sun, life, trees etc. There is always something. Get a journal and write five things you are grateful for everyday. Then extend your list when you find it easier to write. 

Soon with a consistent practice of gratitude your life will be filled with more and more opportunities and you will attract more wonderful things, circumstances, people, experiences to appreciate! 

Thank you for reading.

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