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No Pain, no gain..

I have been thinking a lot about pain recently and it’s role in our individual evolution, being an Energy Healer I tend to meet people at their worst points in life or breaking points. Everyday I deal with people suffering from a great deal of pain, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. I find myself really fascinated with this thing called pain which is beautiful and ugly at the same time, because people are transformed by it but it can also be very degenerative. Pain is our greatest teacher. It is through trauma and pain we learn how to navigate the complexities of human existence. We can dissect our inadequacies and experience intense growth through the accurate perception of how we process pain. If you start analysing your behavioural patterns from a place of true willingness to understand, you can transform that reaction into a lesson and thereby use pain as a tool to accelerate your growth. 

It requires honesty, it is very necessary to be honest about our role in our own demise. Pain can be educational when utilised properly.

How we process pain has a direct effect on our energy bodies and most of all on our physical body. The root cause of most ailments or dis-ease in the body and mind are as a result of harbouring negative emotions towards people, situations and ourselves.

In my past I had very unhealthy habits of processing pain. I would isolate myself and instead of releasing my emotions, bottle them up and I thought I was shielding myself by blocking out painful memories as I thought this made me able to function in the real world and cope with my life. Coming from a physically violent relationship I had to develop coping strategies in order to, I suppose, maintain my sanity. I had to at some point accept my own responsibility in allowing myself to drown in this toxicity. I had to take my life into my own hands and stop letting someone else manipulate and decide who I would become, I had to stop giving my power away and only I could make this decision. My unhealthy thought patterns and limiting beliefs were holding me back from experiencing true happiness, I was responsible for the hell I was living in, yes someone else was contributing to it, but the power did not lie with him, the moment I realised this I was liberated. Even after leaving I still had the habit of isolation as my way of coping. This of course did not hold me together for very long and I eventually had to break down my process. Amongst other reasons such as a complete lack of self love, I chose to explore the reasons why I felt the need to isolate myself from others when I experienced pain and this need to impress and project a “perfect” exterior. Mostly a desire to fit in socially combined with denial of the root causes of my pain. When I stripped it all away I was then able to confront these unhealthy thought processes and re-calibrate them. I still however find myself sometimes falling into old habits, except now I can recognise the symptoms and transform them before it goes too far. There are also some instances where the pattern has been completed though and I then have to examine my motives.

If we are suffering from physical pain we want instant relief. This is why Energy Healing like Pranic Healing is great because you can get this relief. However if something is wrong physically this is an indication that we are suffering on a much deeper layer. This is why we have to confront our unhealthy thought processes. Whether it is low self esteem, childhood trauma, harbouring negative emotions towards certain people, abuse or attachment. It all starts somewhere. If you want to permanently remove trauma and pain from the chakras and organs you have to know how to re-program your brain waves. Along with treating the chakras and energy body, pulling out the thought forms and entities that sit in the inner aura and energy body is really important. Pranic Psychotherapy treatments are very effective in treating negative psychological tendencies. This combination can be the guide to true recovery. 

How? Everyone wants to change but how do we make permanent change? It has to start somewhere. The first step is always to acknowledge your mistakes, take responsibility for your role. In order to do this we need to slow down the brain waves. Most of us think and operate at a very fast pace, this is also so we can keep up with the world we currently live in. The only way to acknowledge and observe your patterns is by slowing everything down. 

In order to slow down we have to do things that slow the brain and body down. Meditation is a great way to accomplish this. If you start meditating regularly you will find it easier to monitor your actions and thoughts before they materialise. Meditation is a gradual process of cultivating stillness and awareness. Through a regular practice of meditation the purpose is to bring this stillness and awareness into our everyday life. Awareness manifests as acknowledging our faults and mistakes before we make them. If we can stop the thought before it completes the cycle of production we can transform it. This is how we re-wire the electrical patterns of the brain. Repetitive action (like meditation) tends to bring gradual change. 

Forms of moving meditation such as Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Pranic Healing, listening to Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones such as Theta, Beta, Alpha and Gamma waves are also useful tools. Other methods are Service and Tithing. Doing service or volunteering your time to a good cause helps you to detach from your negative thought patterns. As you are serving others you feel good about yourself. You can start appreciating your life more and feel less depressive. We tend to think our lives are really unfortunate until we see worse situations. You also generate good karma by doing service. You can decree that this good karma is generated for your own health and well being.

Tithing is another method of re-directing the brain waves. Regularly giving money to charity, those less fortunate, friends or family in need is another way of practicing detachment. Detaching from money regularly manifests as the ability to detach from other things like unhealthy thought patterns or detaching from the body, emotions and mind, since we are after all, not the body, mind, emotions or thoughts. We are the soul utilising these aspects as tools to drive the vehicle through the process of life. To get control of the vehicle (the body) we have to learn how to detach from it and stop identifying with it.

In the end a healthy way of processing pain is dealing with it proactively, not tucking it under a blanket of suppression and carrying on. Pain is your body and mind’s way of telling you to pay attention, if you choose not to listen, you will eventually be forced to listen. Find someone to talk to, this can help us digest situations and see other perspectives. So pain is caused, lets say it is emotionally, find a quiet moment meditate on what has happened, ask yourself what was my role in it? What was the other person mirroring unto me? Why is this happening? There is a lesson. Find the lesson, it would not happen to us if it was not the direct result of a previous action or thought. It might be that you need to set boundaries and protect yourself from certain people or situations, some people need to be eliminated from our lives if they are not serving our greater good. Self preservation is a full time occupation! In order to grow and evolve we have to stop repeating unhealthy behavioural patterns. 

Forgiveness is a huge part of this, internally making peace with a situation or person is necessary to overcome pain. So you can say to yourself “I understand this person is a being of light and I am a being of light, as horrible as the things they have done are, it does not change that they are a being of light and we are all learning and growing, some take years or lifetimes, but I let it go so I can have health and happiness again. I accept what has happened and I choose to move on, I wish them peace and I wish myself peace, I forgive this person (say the person’s name) go in peace.” You never have to speak to them, you may have to have them restrained, so they don’t harm others, but internally you must make peace with them for your own sake.

We are all still learning and evolution implies time, process and mistakes….. 

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